Cover Reveal for Atana and the Firebird

I’m so excited to finally be able to present the cover for Atana and the Firebird! The book will be releasing in-stores November 7th, 2023, and it is now available for pre-orders anywhere books are sold! Don’t forget to check your local bookstores if you can. US retailers include:Barnes & NobleAmazonIndieBound Canadian retailers include:Chapters IndigoAmazon


Pencils… where do I even start. The idea of sketching out a full book of around 230 pages is incredibly daunting if you think about it too hard. So don’t. Instead, break down your 230 pages into a manageable, day-by-day schedule/quota, and then distract yourself by thinking about how happy you will be once this process is finished! For me, project planning and time management have always been fun parts

Intro + Thumbnails

Intro This post is the first of “the Comic Process” series! Horray! My main goal with this series of posts is to share the things I’m learning along the way of making my first graphic novel “Atana and the Firebird“, as well as my thoughts on the process. Sort of like wrap-up posts as I proceed along the pipeline. This is meant more as a documentation of my journey than

SAIL – a mini comic collection

My first Mini Comic Collection is now available for purchase! Find it HERE. The collection features various comics from 2018-2020, including “The Third Tenant”. I’ve wanted to have a comic collection printed for so long, so I’m very excited to finally present this book to you! This collection was made possible with a mini-grant from The Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo. Big thank you to the MICE team for giving me

Canada Council for the Arts Grant

I was lucky enough to receive news back in February that I had received a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts! Receiving this grant is what initially allowed me to start working on “Atana and the Firebird” full time, and turn it into the job that I love today. It is a public grant open to any Canadian, so I thought I’d share my experience with the application!